Surely this is a sign the world is nearing an end. I was reading on my friend Jim’s blog that Virgin Atlantic is now going to allow cell phone calls on certain flights. Is there anything possibly more hellish than that, well I mean, other than HELL?

Anyone who’s taken a flight knows how hard it is to hear, over the pressurized cabin and engine noise, the person sitting a scant 6 inches away from you. Add what one can only imagine will be spotty, cell service and cramped quarters and you have an accurate depiction of one of what Dante was talking about.

This begs the question, is technology hindering more than it’s helping? We talked the other day about the New Jersey town that is fining people for walking and texting at the same time and a while ago we debated whether technology kept you up at night. Then I saw this; a study that linked Facebook to narcissism, saying the ability to broadcast only what you want people to know (instead of the flattering AND unflattering details) feeds right into the narcissists M.O.

I hate to say it but it does feel a bit like we’re becoming a nation of narcissists and this cell phones on planes seems one more big brick in a wall of social dysfunction. What on earth is so important it can’t wait until you get on the ground? Delayed flight? Your pick up party can see that online. Can you think of another earth-shattering reason someone would need to make a call mid-flight? Yeah, me neither.

Okay time to weigh in. Cell phones in flight, good idea or bad? Lemme hear ya!

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