I came across this story last night and thought it would be great debate fodder. A woman missed her connecting American Airlines flight after the crew held her back because she was wearing the above T-shirt. The unidentified woman was perplexed; she said she had been able to get on the flight with no problem and that the issue came as they were landing and she was rushed to catch her connecting flight. According to the article, she says a flight attendant told her she’d need to talk to the captain before getting off aircraft because of the shirt.

Now, as you know I have made a career (at least this recent incarnation) of speaking my mind; yep, there are no shrinking violets around here. And though I try to keep my political leanings to myself (save a few rants on Facebook and Twitter), I have become increasingly weary of the noise and subtle moves toward curtailing my rights as a woman. In fact, I pretty much agree with the sentiment of this T-shirt.


Come on now! Is this really the time or the place for a shirt like this? An airplane with passengers of all ages and beliefs? No. No it is not. I’m a mom. I travel with my kids and though they’ve heard some of the bluer language, I don’t think they need to be staring at it as they’re making their way to their seats on the plane (And you just KNOW we’d be the ones stuck right in front of her, as some fool down the aisle ahead tries to shove a too-big bag in the overheard).

American Airlines, for it’s part, says the woman was detained, not because of the message but because of the expletive emblazoned across the shirt. The airline’s Conditions of Carriage clearly states in number 12, that the airline may refuse to transport you or remove you if, among other things, you, “Are clothed in a manner that would cause discomfort or offense to other passengers”.

You know something. I’m pro-choice. You know what else? That shirt causes discomfort and offense to me.

As was hotly debated the other day about the couple who had photos of their dying baby removed by Facebook, when you use a service, you have to abide by the rules, no matter how inane they seem to you. It doesn’t get any clearer than that. Truly it does not. And like I said the other day, if you don’t like it, don’t play. If the couple (for whom I do feel genuine sorrow) have an issue with Facebook taking the pictures down, then protest the move by closing your account. If this woman doesn’t want to abide by American Airlines’ dress code, find another mode of transportation.

Before I open this up to the floor, I need to ask one more thing. Is it just my imagination or are we becoming a myopic, “my-way-or-the-highway” society? It seems as if we have lost the ability to see anyone’s point of view but our own and in some cases, are willing to figuratively flog to death others, until they agree with us. What is that about?

Okay, so the two points of discussion today are; was American Airlines right to delay this woman because of her shirt? Should they have done something before she got on the plane or is that immaterial? Do you find that shirt offensive? And secondly, are we becoming more egocentric as a society, unconcerned for the rights of others as long as ours are recognized? Your turn; fire away!

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