Well sort of, anyway and let’s face it, made ya’ look! But I got to thinkin’ what exactly would a conversation with the Biebs be like, if he were to show up in my backyard, you know, sans entourage? I’d probably be instantly transformed back to my geeky teenage self, one with long skinny legs that I would kill for now.


Well, thanks to Hallmark, he sort of did come to my house and let me interview him. We had a real heart-to-heart about life and love, though I did most of the talking.


Do you have a teen or preteen who is a jazzed for Justin or are you like me, a secret fan (though that’s not much of a secret now)? Check out Hallmark’s new line of Justin Bieber cards; you’ll be a hero, even if you don’t tape them  to the back of your patio chairs.

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I’m thrilled to be partnering with Hallmark in 2012 for its “Life Is A Special Occasion” campaign. Of course, the characters in my rantings are real and the opinions are all my own.