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Ask Rene: My Son Rejected My Religion!

Hi Rene :

Please help! My 19-year-old son, David is a smart, head-strong young man with a very bright future ahead of him. He left our home in Bakersfield, California to attend an Ivy League school on the east coast. He’s doing quite well in school but when he came home for spring break he dropped a bomb; he’s converted to Judaism!

Rene, my husband is a deacon in the same Baptist church we have attended since David was born. We have a big family celebration every year at Christmas and now that David is Jewish, I’m not sure if we should invite him.

I’m so hurt and confused.. Rene please help!


Baffled in Bakersfield.

Dear B in B:

Whoa…. deep breath here.. Okay, I’ve read your letter and have a couple of thoughts. Below is my video response but GEMnation always has a thing or two to say. Take a listen then read the comments and good luck!



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