Hi Rene:

I’ll be thrilled if you can help me. I’ve been running the gamut of emotion lately. For the last several years, after my ex-husband walked out on us, it’s been my son, Jeffrey and me against the world. We shared highs and lows, good times and (a lot of) bad and we’re very close.

That’s the good news. Now the bad, Jeffrey has been accepted to college out of state. I guess that’s not really bad but to be honest, I am worried. I’m worried about him and I’m worried about me, given that we have spent any significant time apart.

So tell me, Rene, what should I do? How can I let go of my only son?

Sign me,

Sad and Soon-To-Be-Alone

Hi Sad:

Thanks for writing in. My heart does ache for you because I know I’m going to be there in a scant few years, with both of my kids. There’s no question this is going to be an adjustment for you but it doesn’t have to be a bad one. Pop in your ear buds to watch my video response to your question. And to GEMnation, if you  have some ideas for Sad and Soon To Be Alone, leave them here in the comments!

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