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Remember a few weeks back I was invited to take part in a really cool event being held at Nike’s headquarters in Oregon? I wasn’t able to go as I was taking part in another event, so we sent GEM business and brand manager Buff Parham (oh, who happens to be my husband) in my place. He and Cole had a great time and honestly, as was my hope, it was great for their relationship too; 3,000 miles of male bonding!

My guys were part of a group of mommy bloggers and their kids who got to participate in Nike’s Young Athletes Innovation Summit.

Cole leading the way with the sentiment of the day

From there, it was a day full of activities, for the bloggers and their offspring and even though Buff and Cole went their separate ways, they both had a chance to see what goes into the making of a great shoe and an even better athlete.

Okay, so when they returned home, they brought with them a pair of Nike Frees for the whole family (mine are the bright orange ones). Now, Buff had been raving about these shoes, specifically how light they are. But in typical, “Good-Enough-Mother, I’ll-be-the-judge-of-that” fashion, I had to see for myself. And he was right. But don’t take my word; here’s what my husband says about his Nike Free Shoes.

I love shoes.  But I really love comfortable shoes.  Style matters to me but comfort always comes first.  Whether I’m shopping for shoes for business, golf, workouts, or whatever, my feet demand to be treated with care!  So my new Nike Free 5.0’s are passing the test with flying colors!  Most shoes take a while to break in—these felt like they were made just for my feet the first time I even tried them on.  It was as if they were instantly molding themselves to the soles of my feet!  Sometimes I wear them with socks, and sometimes not, but I feel as if I’m almost walking barefoot.  The shoes are very light and sometimes make you think you’re not even wearing shoes at all!  During my workouts, they give me plenty of cushioning for both cardio and resistance training.  It’s hard to remember having a pair of shoes this versatile—I’ve even played golf in them.  And after all that walking on the course, my feet didn’t feel as tired as they usually do.   I guess the weight of a shoe really does matter!  Like I said at the beginning, I love shoes.  I now have two pairs of Nike Free 5.0’s and counting!   And my feet are very happy too!

Kids Nike FREE Run: If your feet flex, shouldn’t your shoes flex too? Must-have flexibility for young feet.


Well, okay then. But I think a better testament is the fact that he’s worn them just about everyday since he got back from Oregon. I did pry them off his feet so I could clean them but beyond that, well, he’s become one with the shoe.

I’m not sure whether it was the shoes or the trip to Nike’s headquarters that have given him the confidence to try out for the next Olympic team. Gonna have to bring him back down to earth on that one.

Here are a few more pictures of Buff and Cole’s trip of a lifetime and then peep the video below; I’m not sure if my husband knows, but he’s been made a Mommy Blogger. Do us proud man, do us proud!


The entrance to the Nike Lab



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