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The Mouse and Me: Sailing The Disney Fantasy.. Day 3


I teased you a few days ago, promising to let you know all about the amazing eats on The Disney Fantasy. Well that time has come at last. When Team GEM boarded the ship, one of the first things we did, well, COLE did, was scope out all the places to eat. If you are the parent of a teenage boy, you know why that is so important.Their appetites are unrelenting and hungry children=crabby children=bad vacation so this was of utmost importance.

So along with food, here are 6 awesome things about our journey on The Disney Fantasy, Day 3.

THE KID’S FARE ROCKS! Back to day one for a moment. We’d been on the go since early that morning, we were a tad bit hungry by the time we got on the ship. Almost as if he could smell the food, Cole led us to Cabanas, the casual eating spot on the top deck of The Fantasy. Now there is literally something for everyone there and since I’m not much of a cook (okay, I don’t cook at all), I thought Casey and Cole’s heads would explode from all the choices. I don’t know about yours, but the buffet-style dining suits my kids very well; it’s fast and satisfies their curiosity as they get to try a little bit of everything. Kind of like home. Yeah, um. No.

CONVENIENCE FACTOR RAN HIGH: If I had to sum up our experience on The Disney Fantasy I would say it was convenient and you know how important that is. Vacation is supposed to be about relaxing and you really can’t do that if there’s a hassle at every turn. Now, if you were to ask Cole what his favorite part of the trip was he would tell you it was a dead heat between Aqua Duck and Flo’s V8 Café.

Flo’s V8 Cafe is right out of the movie Cars; it was the only gas diner in Radiator Springs, remember? No gasoline on the menu here, instead burgers, fries, fruit, wraps, cheese, grilled cheese, did I mention burgers already? The food was always hot (well, except for the fruit) and fresh, served by someone with a fresh face. It was Cole’s favorite spot. Why? Because, and I’m quoting here, “Mom, it’s FREE!”

Dinner at Animator’s Palate

THE WAIT STAFF: The first night, at Animator’s Palate, we bonded quickly with our wait staff, Peter and Roxana. I have no idea how many tables they had but they sure made us feel like we were the only one. They were great, especially with the kids, helping them choose the best stuff from the menu, and it was all good! Even though little buddy Cole wasn’t feeling so hot, he hung in long enough to try the popcorn soup (there’s no way I can explain that, suffice it to say it was great).

PALO: My producer/friend Debbie and I had an opportunity to eat at Palo, one of two, adult dining restaurants on board the Fantasy.The Northern Italian cuisine was remarkable. I had the tuna while Debbie opted for the beautifully prepared sea bass.


REMY:  The following night, we were in for a treat. I’ve had some great meals in my 49-years on this planet but I can honestly say this one falls in the top 3. The night after Palo, we got to try out Remy, the upscale, adult French restaurant. Words not only fail but also won’t do it justice so please, just look at the photos. Get a napkin ready to wipe your mouth.

The evening began with a Champagne cocktail

Scallop in a beautiful sauce


Beef with delicate herb sauce

Cheese, cheese and more cheese!

After our 6-hour dinner party

ACTIVITIES: Of course, there was so much more including the youth clubs but we couldn’t leave the ship without riding Aqua Duck! Cole was the lone ranger while Casey and I rode (and screamed) together on the water roller coaster. Casey and Cole also checked out the water park and played a round or two of mini-golf.

All in all, there’s something or everyone; we all had a great time and were glowing by the time the ship pulled into port. It was an awesome experience that I was thankful to be able to take part in. The kids and I thought it was just about perfect as far as family vacations go and one we would recommend you try for yourself.

Have you ever been on a Disney Cruise? What did you think?

Disclosure: Disney paid for Team GEM to sail on The Fantasy, to do our own research on the cruise. But rest assured, I’ll give it to you straight. Hey, don’t I always?

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