I wanted to write about this last week but for a variety of reasons didn’t get around to it. But I definitely wanted to get your thoughts on this one so here goes.

 A few weeks ago, a British writer named Samantha Brick said something publicly that ended with the full weight of the Twitterverse landing  atop her beautiful, blond head. Samantha wrote in a column that she knows she’s beautiful and that’s the reason most women hate her.

Samantha claims proof of her beauty, other than a mirror, are the numerous instances when men send her alcoholic beverages, present her with flowers or, unsolicited, buy her train tickets. Her column  (and confidence) ended up getting thousands of comments, many of them negative.

Now I have two thoughts on this. First, what the heck is with this woman? Does she really think that because a guy buys her drinks or sends her flowers she’s all that? And then there are statements like these:

If you’re a woman reading this, I’d hazard that you’ve already formed your own opinion about me — and it won’t be very flattering.

She followed up with an appearance on a British morning show in which she defended her remarks.

So I have a couple of thoughts. Is it that insecure b*tches have the knives out for Samantha or is it her something more? Could it be the reason women don’t like her is her insistence that she is all that? Maybe it’s her unwavering knowledge that their husbands would leave them at a roadside restroom if Samantha said, “Let’s go”?

A little soul-baring here. The other day I wrote a snarky thing on my Facebook page about a female celebrity. She was wearing her hair in a particularly unflattering way that accentuated her painfully thin figure. She’s also a bit of an exhibitionist, always taking and tweeting pictures of herself and her new husband. When I said that thing about her hair, one of my Facebook friends expressed disappointment in me. I felt terrible for saying it because I hate to think that we (women) are an insecure, snarky bunch.

But are we?

Truth be told, the ire and distaste I had for that actress has more to do with her actions than the way she looked; I think it’s the same thing with Samantha. I don’t think women are as turned off by her being cute or having confidence as much as her being conceited. Samantha would do herself some good by putting down the mirror and looking deep inside. If beauty is skin deep but ugly’s to the bone, she’s in for a rude awakening.

Okay how about you weigh in on these two issues. What do you think of Samantha’s claim about why women hate her? Are women that mean and insecure and do men find a woman this confident in the way she looks, attractive? Lemme hear ya!

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