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Hello boys and girls! Question for you.. do you rest on the weekend, you know, get out and do a few things for you, meet friends, nap midday and generally just decompress? I hope so, isn’t that what weekends are for? Well, that and kid’s soccer games.

The other day, I was lying in bed, trying to decide whether to get up and get coffee or hope someone would read my mind and bring me a cup. Needless to say that didn’t happen but in the time I was praying it would, I was looking back on some of the relationships I’ve had throughout my life. I’m not talking about just boyfriends or the now-husband; I mean all of them, friends, co-workers, the bad boyfriend. In each of those relationships, I had an indication of how it was going to play out. Did I listen? Well, you’ll have to just hit play to find out.

Trusting your gut is the topic of today’s Monday Morning Motivation.


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