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Howdy and happy Monday GEMs!

Hopefully your day is going swimmingly! If it’s not, let’s turn that sucker around right now!

For today’s Monday Morning Motivation I thought I would use, as a jumping off piece, one of our Life Lessons from last week. You may recall the story of Shameeka S. Ayers, the onetime corporate executive who knew that was not the place for her. Anyway, Shameeka left her job and, after I’m sure many heart palpitations and sleepless nights, is watching her dream unfold. HER dream. Not the plan laid out by someone else, not playing by someone elses’ rules… nope, following the path that she is forging for herself. If happiness was measured in money, she’d be rolling around on the bed, all Demi Moore like in Indecent Proposal. For real.

But that kind of reward means you have to take some chances, burn some bridges, piss off a few people and be totally and completely internally motivated. So take a listen to today’s Monday Morning Motivation and ask  yourself, are you doing this? Can you?

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