There are few things more laser focused than a 13-year-old boy. Well, I mean on anything EXCEPT homework and my son is no different. But a couple of things have happened lately that have shown me just how determined that boy can be, as if I didn’t know already. Cole got a bicycle for his birthday and a basketball just because and together those things have conspired to keep him outside for hours on end..  not that I’m complaining.

Frequent readers of GEM know this kid and how headstrong he can be (I have NO IDEA where he gets it); he’s not lacking in the confidence arena either. So when I asked him if he was going to play ball in high school next year, as in go out for the team, he said, confidently, “You bet!”.

“That’s great! So maybe we should sign you up for camp, you know, so you can learn some skills and more about the fundamentals of the game.”

“I don’t need that. I already know all I need to.”

*Sigh* And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I’m up against.

Those of you who read GEM regularly know that this is more than a blog; it’s therapy for me. That means if you are a part of my life, there’s a good chance you will be written about. Husband, friends, extended family, provide not only love and affection for me but fodder for this space. Consider that fair warning.

You know how much I love my husband; you know how much I love my son. And you know how much the two of them arguing over nonsense, one iron will against the other, gets on my last.dang.nerve.    What does this have to do with basketball? Hang on! I’m taking the scenic route to get there.

One of the things my boys need is time together. They need to develop a relationship with each other that doesn’t include me being dragged into the center of it as referee. Well, the other day, Nike invited Cole and me to take part in its Young Athlete Innovation Summit. We were thrilled to be asked! Bad news though, I have a conflict so I can’t go. Just as I was about to decline the offer, Buff spoke up. “Maybe I can take him instead.”

Oh yeah..

You see how Good Enough Mother’s brain is working here, right? Cole, my headstrong, “I-know-everything-I need-to-know-about-basketball-already” son is going to have a chance to learn from the folks at Nike Headquarters in Oregon with Buff as his guide. They will travel more than 3,000 miles together (the true test of any relationship) and have a chance to really connect with each other. Buff will cheer for his son as Cole tests his mad skillz and the Kids Nike FREE Run: If your feet flex, shouldn’t your shoes flex too? Must-have flexibility for young feet.

I think it will be a great experience for them both, adding much-needed dimension to their relationship. Here’s hoping the flexibility extends beyond the shoes and into their relationship. Stay tuned….

Even though I won’t be there, I’ll be Instagramming (is that a verb?) so follow me at goodenoughmother there, Tweeting and sharing pics on my Facebook Page so you can follow along.



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