As you know I am currently out of town on attending another event so Buff and Cole graciously agreed to attend the Nike Young Athletes Innovation Summit while I was away. Here’s a quick look at their day there as told by Buff, and in the coming days (read: when I get home and can pump them for all the information) I’ll have a full and complete post about all the fun they had. In the meantime, enjoy! 

Wow!  What a day at an amazing place…everything you’ve ever assumed about Nike’s headquarters is TRUE…the people who work (and dream) here truly do define the direction of athletics in many obvious and not so obvious ways. Yes, it’s the land of Kobe, Lebron, Michael, Roger and a host of other sports icons but what we saw and heard about today was what really makes Nike go–its nonstop commitment to innovation that enables athletes (of all levels) to be their best!

   Cole and others fixated by presentation 

We were offered a peak inside of the Nike Sports Research Lab where work based on physiology, biomechanics and sensory perception drives the development of new products, focused on enhancing athletic performance and reducing the chance of injury at the same time. That lab’s work benefits everyone from the world class athlete to the weekend warrior to the young boy or girl dreaming about becoming so much more!

Nike’s most recent breakthrough, which is reflected in its Free line of footwear, understands that the foot needs to be strengthened and protected in the process. When you put on a pair of Free shoes, you almost feel as if either you’re not wearing shoes or that the pair was made just for you!  Free shoes are designed to be a natural extension of your own feet–but give them the flexibility and comfort to become stronger in the process. Kids Nike FREE Run: If your feet flex, shouldn’t your shoes flex too? Must-have flexibility for young feet.

Truly amazing when you think about it. The soles are the secret–the design allows the foot to twist and bend in ways that it naturally does…I can’t wait to see how they help to enhance my less-than-world class performance!

Buff and Cole are currently in the air and on the way back from their weekend at Nike Headquarters. Keep and eye on this space for the rest of the story, including Cole’s take, in the coming days. 

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