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The Mouse and Me: Previewing The Disney Fantasy!



Remember a few days ago, I told you I had the pleasure of being on hand for the christening of The Disney Fantasy, the newest and fourth ship in the Disney Fleet. You can go here and read more about the party but let me tell you a little more about the ship herself. The Fantasy is the 130,000 ton sister vessel of The Disney Dream, which I sailed on last year. Well, I just found out that at the end of the month the kids and I are gonna be setting sail on The Disney Fantasy as well! I can’t wait, especially after what I saw on board.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL: From the Art Nouveau décor to the finishing touches, it’s clear a lot of love went into this ship. A bronze Minnie greets guests in her travel attire. Notice the hatbox? I wonder how many kids will ask their parents about the “round suitcase”.


TECHNOLOGY IS A BIG PART OF THIS SHIP: I spent five hours roaming the ship as part of the technology tour. Now listen, as the mother of two teens and someone who makes her living online, I was impressed with the amount of “techy” stuff they have, even for the little kids.

First up and for kids of all ages, The High Tech Detective Agency. It’s like an electronic scavenger hunt where kids check in and get a pass card and a map. Then they go around the ship and hold the pass card up to various pieces of live art to unlock clues. Check it out.


          There are computers everywhere! Here’s a peek at the Oceaneer Lab for kids, ages 3-10.


 Down the hall is The Oceaneer Club. It tends to attract the younger set but I like that they’re both connected so kids with siblings older or younger can hang out together or have some autonomy.


 I think a lot of time people assumed Disney cruise is only for those with young kids.. but check out the teen hang out! Vibe has it’s own entrance and is off limits to adults!

 But the adults have their own hangouts, including my personal favorite the Skyline Bar. The scenery changes every 12 minutes to incorporate a different city view with drinks to match!

ANIMATOR’S PALATE:  One of six dining rooms on board, this one, this one is just plain fun.  It’s designed to look like a real animator’s studio and when you sit down you get to do just that. When you complete your drawling, the server takes it back stage…

and then there’s this..

(By the way, mine is the crappy green one with the hair chest and no hair on it’s head. Hey, I’m a writer not an artist!)

And who could forget.. AQUADUCK 765 feeds of water roller coaster that extends 12 feet beyond the side of the ship! I rode the one on The Disney Dream last year and the kids and I will be on the Fantasy’s version this year! Here’s a picture of the water slide just beneath it and there’s a water park on board too!


 There are other little touches, like the Wave Phones, which can be used to communicate with your party on board and even on shore, saving you’re the exorbitant roaming charges on your cell and the great touches in the state rooms but you’ll have to wait. I promise to give you a full report after the cruise.

All in all, she’s a beauty! Bon Voyage! (well in a few weeks anyway).


Disclosure: Disney is paying for Team GEM to sail on The Fantasy, to do our own research on the cruise. But rest assured, I’ll give it to you straight. Hey, don’t I always? 


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