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The GEM Debate: Clever Or Cleavage? Would You Let Your Daughter Do THIS?

Oh you gotta love gotta love the entrepreneurial spirit. And YouTube. I love YouTube (which, by the way, is the second largest search engine behind Google) because every time I need to learn something, I know there’s some geek (and I use the term affectionately) who’s done a video on whatever it is that’s stumping me. I love it because when I was going through my hair woes, I learned from the thousands of videos on natural hair posted there. I can get make-up tips, learn about my taxes, even re-brand myself. And now there’s this.

A number of young women have taken YouTube by storm by giving their opinion on any and everything while showing a whole LOT of cleavage. They call themselves “The Reply Girls”  because what they basically do is respond to other people’s popular or trending videos. That way they and their, er, assets advice are seen by lots and lots of people.

This is one of The Reply Girls named Alejandra Gaitain talking about Cincinnati Bengals’ Jerome Simpson and his “fake flopping”.

Gaitain sounds like she knows as much about fake flopping as I do. But this was an incredibly popular topic and this video of her has garnered nearly a quarter of a million hits.

All this has drawn the ire of the YouTube community, including some who have filed formal complaints about these Reply Girls.

According to Gaitain, she is making money though she won’t say how much. But I’m not here to debate that. My question for you is how would you feel if your daughter, clad in spaghetti top and hair spray, began doing videos like this?

Oh boy, I’m goin’ in on this one. I for one would hate it and when I found out about it, though not as drastic as this, I’d be prone to take action for a couple of reasons.

I would be upset with my daughter because she’s smarter than that. She has a really good head on her shoulders and she doesn’t need to use low cut and the lowest common denominator to get attention. Speaking of attention, I would argue that’s not the kind of attention she wants or needs. Then I would remind her that stuff on The Internet stays there forever. These videos may be fun now, but if tagged properly, will show up in a search at perhaps the most inconvenient time, like when you’re up for that really, REALLY big job.

Okay what do you think? Are these “Reply Girls” ingenious entrepreneurs or just selling sex in a clever way? What would you do if you found out your daughter were doing this?

Lemme hear ya!

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  1. Dave M

    March 9, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    The hardest thing to convince a young girl, particularly one who has seen rejection, sees the “popular girls” with dates and worries she’s not good enough that she will find the right guy for the right reasons.
    My wife had far better looking guys before she met me. My father and mother had dated lots of people before they met each other. My daughter even had a boyfriend who decided to dump her just weeks after her mom died.
    My and my father’s advice: don’t dumb yourself down for the sake of others. Some guys don’t like that a woman is smart or has strong opinions and feelings, but that’s why we married the women we did. How successful are you really if you’re not being looked in the eye? I mean, even I – with the page open – probably couldn’t describe this girl’s face or eye color, but I can tell you exactly what she was (er…wasn’t?) wearing.
    If all you want is attention, I get it, but get attention for the right reasons. I’d be upset with my daughter because she is smart, funny, and doesn’t need to display her – um – abilities they’re only part of the package, not all there is.

  2. Alex Guzman

    March 9, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    What was she talking bout? Btw soccer players fake flop too

  3. m.e. johnson

    March 10, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    How old are these young ‘ladies’? If they are of age, you can keep talking and hope for the best but no guarantees.

    Seems to me they are hoping to be “discovered”. Think of all the girls that go to Hollywood, look how they dress and parade themselves. Hell, look at the stars on the red carpet, how they are (un-)dressed. Look at the magazine covers, the women are practically naked. Monkey see, monkey do.

  4. Ella Rucker

    March 10, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    I gotta say…I would hate for teen Joelle to do this, but like m.e. said, Monkey See, Monkey Do.

    And let’s not forget the free porn pervs out there making a market for this type of behavior. If we could crack down on the demand side there would be no supply. But I’m with m.e. They probably just want to be “discovered,” but what’s going to happen is they are going to be “discovered” in the wrong way. By either finding someone that has no good intentions towards them or by the college of their choice discrediting them (because this ain’t gonna pay the bills for long especially once they get real bills) or by their future employer discrediting them. Or they may just live a charmed life in the MTV Reality House! LOL I crack me up.

  5. m.e. johnson

    March 10, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    Right on, Ella. Plus, what will they say to their children/grandchildren. The vid may be scratchy and blurry but it will still be there.

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