The above photo serves no purpose other than to make you smile and my kids cringe. This was snapped from Halloween many, many moons ago. As you can see, their personalities really haven’t changed that much!

For these two, last weekend I risked bleeding, possibly burst eardrums to listen to them perform at the world famous Bitter End as part of their bi-annual Rock Workshop recital. I’m kidding; they’re actually quite good. And as I sat there taping (and screaming for) them, I had one of those parenting moments; you know what I’m talking about, where your chest gets all puffed up and you can hardly contain your sense of pride when other parents say, “Wow, that was really good.”

I got to thinking that I wanted to give us all an opportunity to give our kids a public high 5. And if you have teens, this is about the only place they’ll let you brag on them and that’s only if they don’t see it!

Because for as much as they try our patience and make us a little nuts, we really do love them (a lot) and are incredibly proud of their accomplishments. So think of this little corner of GEM as a your very own brag book, you know, like the one your grandmother carried around to tell complete strangers about your A in Chemistry. Yeah, this is the high-tech version of that.

Okay, so I’ll start, then I’d love for you to submit your own, “My Kid Really ROCKS” entry.

As I was saying Casey and Cole are becoming quite the musicians. The funny thing is, while they both love music, they have very DIFFERENT tastes in it. Casey tends toward the classical and pop; Cole is all heavy metal. But they are both really super, duper remarkable.

So my kid (s) really ROCK in music!


Um, yes, that was me screaming.

So now it’s your turn. Email us here and tell us why your kid really ROCKS! They don’t have to play drums or sing at world famous clubs either; it can be anything they’ve done that made you proud. Did they work really hard on a school project? Send a photo and tell us about it. Did they clean up a neighbor’s yard without being asked? Brag on ’em! Did they cook a meal for you, like Cole did for me one day? Forget that it was waffles and red wine. For breakfast. It was the thought that counted.

Submit your brag with photos or video (which we reserve the right to edit) and tell us why your kid really ROCKS!

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