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Ask Rene: My Son Won’t Use The Toilet! (VIDEO)


Good Enough Mother® - "Ask" Rene

Dear Rene:

HELP!  My son will be five-years-old in September and he refuses to use the toilet. Any time I try talking to him about it he yells and screams that he does not want to discuss it. I have tried everything anyone has suggested; People have said let it go and in time he will do it on his own but he needs to start school and they will not take him unless he is potty trained.

He attends daycare now but they are not even trying to work with him at all they send the boys to the restroom by themselves and twice i have went to pick him up and they forgot about him in there and he comes out crying.

Please help,

Potty-Training Problems


Dear PTP:

Oh I feel your pain. Potty training can be one of the most challenging aspects of parenting a toddler. It’s also challenging for them as it’s one of the first times society has imposed it’s rules on them. But you need to know you are not alone; you are not the first mother to go through potty-training troubles, nor will you be the last.

Before you listen to my advice, I would talk this over with your pediatrician, just to rule out any medical issue. Then it sounds like you either need to get clear with the daycare staff about what you’re trying to accomplish (and that your son may need a little extra help, which would mean not leaving him alone in the bathroom) or, if they’re unwilling to help out more, find a new daycare.

Now, there are steps you can do on your own at home too. So sit back and watch my video answers.

And good luck mommy!

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