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What Will Your Kids Say When The Red Light Comes On?

 Ah, yes, a new entry into the “Friends-don’t-let-friends-record-stupid-stuff-on-YouTube” race and this one appears crazier than the other one we talked about a year ago. I stumbled across this one last night and, though difficult, I sat and watched all 13:59 seconds of this drivel. Two girls from Gainesville High School in Florida thought it would be funny to hit record and have a stream of consciousness discussion about minorities (apparently they were answering questions from a previous racist rant). What came out of their mouths was pretty stunning but not as much as the aftermath. More on that in a moment.

Anyway, here is the video. WARNING!! It is EXTREMELY NSFW! There is a lot of cussing and loud talk so if you are at work, put your ear buds in. You have been warned.

The fallout has been swift, with the girls, who only days before were full of misguided bravado, issuing mealy-mouthed apologies, one that read in part:

“I am one of the girls who were in the racist video that got posted. I’m writing this so that I can tell people how truly sorry I am. I could never, in a million years, have pictured this happening with me involved. I wasn’t raised to hate people for their race, and I still don’t. I made a horrible decision in being a part of this video … “

The girls have now withdrawn from school after death threats against them and their families are calling for peace.

 “While we can never take back the words and actions that these two children have said, we have to start to heal and forgive IMMEDIATELY. Stop the violent threats to our homes and our children, stop the anger, because this will solve absolutely nothing, and most importantly, look at yourself for change and love.”

Where am I going with this? I don’t believe there is any way these girls developed this hard edge overnight, nor did they get it from solely going to school with a bunch of black people. I believe they learned that, at least in part, from home. Now whether it was said aloud or phrases were overlooked, I don’t know. But for the parents to feign shock and surprise, just doesn’t fit.

You see, we have a job to do and it is a big one. When we hear inappropriate things come from our kids, we have to STOP what we are doing, sit them down and explain WHY that cannot be tolerated. The first time I heard on of my kids say, “That’s so gay” I jumped in and let then know we do not condone using the term as a pejorative. This is an action that starts early and is repeated often. That’s our job. I’m not saying the parents of these girls are racist but does it not make you wonder where they were all of this time?

Okay, maybe it is just me, so let me hear from you. Do you think it’s possible that this kind of talk could come from these girls and their parents NOT know about it? Could it truly have been a “complete surprise” to them? What would your kids say when the red light comes on?

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