By Ella Rucker:

Now is a very interesting time of the year as we have two contests of note brewing. There’s the Superbowl and the Republican primaries. And watching the two has me wondering, “Why aren’t there some sort of regulations to keep the candidates  playing fair?”

I read this article concerning Newt Gingrich not giving Mitt Romney the customary concession call. I cry, “Foul!”  How can you campaign for the highest office in the land, but not follow the rules you were taught in kindergarten? Newt Gingrich forgot that the best winners are gracious losers. Diplomacy is a big part of the job he’s running for and the guy currently in office has taken his share of lumps.

This weekend, no matter who loses we will see one great quarterback congratulate an even greater quarterback on winning, in my very humble opinion, the second greatest contest we will will have this year, the Superbowl. I’ve always enjoyed the Superbowl and it was something my mother made sure we watched as a family complete with all kinds of junk food for the day. Maybe that’s where I’ve got my sportsmanlike conduct.

This is one of the many reasons that sports and competitions are so important for our kids. It teaches them the fundamentals of the games and and like it or not, that spills over into life. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but you are always gracious about it.

What do you think?  Do you think someone vying for the presidency needs to be more gracious in losing?  Are you using sports to teach your children and are they getting the message?  Have you ever had to make a concession call you just didn’t want to make?  Let’s hear ya!

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