Lately, I’ve been taking a keen interest in my skin and I’m not really sure why. Scratch that; of course I know why. Working in TV and being on the cusp of 50 is why I’m paying more attention. Luckily my mother instilled in me at a young age, the importance of taking great care of my skin. It was one of the few things she said to me that actually penetrated my adolescent hard head.

So along with wearing copious amounts of sunscreen (yes, even in winter), I like to try different skincare products and a really interesting system made it’s way to more doorstep the other day. Skincare company, Muvazi asked me to try their Renewal Skin Care Kit and give them, and you, my honest opinion.

(Okay how brave am I to post my 49-year-old, bare face?)

I have been blessed with pretty good skin, small pores and only the occasional acne flare-up. I don’t really have too many wrinkles; how that happened for a woman my age, living with the kind of stress I do, I’ll never know. But what I do have is dry skin and winter in this part of the country only exacerbates that.

So I gave Muvazi’s Renewal Skin Care Set, made with all natural ingredients, a go and came to the following conclusions.

Things I give the green light to:

*My skin felt better. I hate the tight, dry feeling on your face right after cleansing with regular soap. That didn’t happen with this. My skin felt clean but not stripped.

*I’m not much on Oxygenic Eye Cream but this one was great. Not heavy at all but still emollient.

*I also liked the Intra-Cellular Moisturizer, another part of the line that moisturizes but not by depositing thick, heavy creams.

*I wasn’t shiny under my make-up, again I think that’s because the product line was not too heavy.


Things I give the yellow light to:

Okay, you know how I am, not cheap but definitely frugal and as such I try to save money where I can. At about 120 bucks, the Muvazi Renewal Skin Care Set is not cheap. But I suppose it’s cost effective if you consider this is the only skin you have and it’s cheaper than a facelift. Seriously, that was the only thing I was not wild about; the products themselves are top notch, they helped a lot with my dry skin (which was my primary concern) and I would absolutely recommend them.

But don’t take my word, try it yourself. Muvazi is running a special offer for GEM readers. If you order the line from, use the code, goodenough before checking out and get the whole system, good for all skin types, for $69.95. And they offer a money back guarantee, so if you don’t care for it, send it back; no harm no foul.

Check it out for yourself and tell them the Head GEM sent you.

Disclosure: While Muvazi provided me product and compensation for this post, the opinions are genuinely those of the Head GEM.