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Happy Birthday To Me.. AGAIN! (VIDEO)

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Good Enough Mother® - Rene Syler


 Perhaps you noticed we’re moving a little on the slow side around these parts today. It’s because it’s Good Enough Mother’s birthday today. The reason we’re slow today is because the celebrating started last night. A good friend and colleague Debbie Mitchell (you can follow her on Twitter here and check out her blog too) threw a part-tay and suffice it to say there were adult beverages to be had.  The GEM right hand, Ella, was there along with a few other great friends.



Trying to act like the young folk, we stopped at Jay Z’s 40-40 Club, which was not hoppin’ on a Thursday night. Then, on the way back to the car, we ran into these two nice young men from Brazil. This one was my birthday twin! When I told him I was turning 49 (he was turning 22), I’ll never forget his words. Dripping with sympathy he said, “Aww, that’s okay…” Then he kept trying to kiss me. Okay, I still got it.



Anyway, in a tradition started last year, I thought I would again detail the things I would tell a young Rene. Click here to read what I would have told my 28-year-old self, and hit play to see what I would tell that same woman, one year later.


I’m off for cake and Champagne. Ciao!



  1. Ella (the assistant)

    February 17, 2012 at 7:08 pm

    “Trying to act like the young folk,”… I’m going to let you slide on this one seeing as how it’s your birthday and all! Lol

    You look gorgeous, Dahling! Happy Birthday!

  2. Will Jones

    February 18, 2012 at 8:59 am

    Next year, I will be at your party if I have to crawl there!!!

    ,,,and who turns 49? I’ve turned 29 every year for the last for 13 years, and I fully intend to do so every year until I turn 50.

    You do look gorgeous, but tell that metro-Tarzan you’re spoken for.

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