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Good Enough Mother® - Rene Syler


 Perhaps you noticed we’re moving a little on the slow side around these parts today. It’s because it’s Good Enough Mother’s birthday today. The reason we’re slow today is because the celebrating started last night. A good friend and colleague Debbie Mitchell (you can follow her on Twitter here and check out her blog too) threw a part-tay and suffice it to say there were adult beverages to be had.  The GEM right hand, Ella, was there along with a few other great friends.



Trying to act like the young folk, we stopped at Jay Z’s 40-40 Club, which was not hoppin’ on a Thursday night. Then, on the way back to the car, we ran into these two nice young men from Brazil. This one was my birthday twin! When I told him I was turning 49 (he was turning 22), I’ll never forget his words. Dripping with sympathy he said, “Aww, that’s okay…” Then he kept trying to kiss me. Okay, I still got it.



Anyway, in a tradition started last year, I thought I would again detail the things I would tell a young Rene. Click here to read what I would have told my 28-year-old self, and hit play to see what I would tell that same woman, one year later.


I’m off for cake and Champagne. Ciao!