Dear Rene:

I need help with my toddler! He’s 22-months-old and follows my husband around, screaming all the time. If my husband walks out the door he stops immediately and either sits down quietly or plays with his siblings. When my husband isn’t around he behaves pretty well but as soon as he sees his dad he goes into full-on melt-down-mode! He starts screaming and doesn’t stop until Larry picks him up and carries him around. It seems like we’ve tried everything and his behavior just gets worse! My husband is at the end of his rope because he can’t even come home and have a happy greeting.

I know it can’t be good for my son to be so miserable all the time either. Please help me understand why he is behaving this way so that we can put a stop to it and make everyone’s life more pleasant.

 Sign me,

Mom of Three


Dear Mom of Three:

Don’t give up yet! If you’re pediatrician has ruled out any medical issue, it sounds like your baby is learning some bad behavior. Time to nip it in the bud. Here’s how..