Hi Rene:


I’ve been reading GEM lately and I love it; in fact, I started reading even though I’m not a mother. Yet. And that’s why I’m writing now.

I got married two years ago and my husband and I are a few months away from welcoming our first baby. He’s thrilled and I’m mortified! As if my changing shape wasn’t enough to scare me, the thought of childbirth and beyond has me almost paralyzed with fear. My friends, who have kids, are sort of downplaying and my doctor, in her clinical way, tells me not to worry. But I am!

Is it going to hurt? I’m not embarrassed to say, I am not a fan of pain, I mean really, who is? And what happens when I get home? Sometimes I feel completely ill-equipped for this undertaking.


Sign me, 



Dear Worried;

Oh honey, I feel ya.. I do, I do.. but let’s not panic just yet. Here’s my advice!