Well, it’s not exactly Song of Solomon but it sure is getting some folks fired up! A Seattle pastor is talking  about sex and not in hushed euphemisms, he’s putting it all out there, causing blushing and a bit of backlash.

 Mark Driscoll, pastor of Seattle mega church Mars Hill  has coauthored with his wife Grace, Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship And Life Together.  They write candidly about sex, the types of sex, masturbation (which they say the Bible does not ban), even challenge some long-held, widely accepted beliefs on birth control. Oral sex is described as “a gift stewarded well” and the pair even address anal sex, though they caution not to let addictions take over for “normal intercourse”.

Needless to say all of this has placed the Driscoll’s at the center of a storm of criticism, with some questioning whether either is qualified to be offering sex advice.

Let me preface this by saying I have not read the book. But I think one of the reasons this guy is the pastor of a “mega-church” is because, at least in part, he’s dealing with real life issues in a real world that can be real messy. Instead of whispering about this stuff, he’s ripping the covers back (pun intended) and talking about things that can sink a marriage if not dealt with and resolved sufficiently. He must be saying what people want to hear because the book is well on its way to a spot on the best seller’s list. I guess my only criticism would be when he talks of what is “normal” because as we know, normal for some may not be for others.

But the point is this; why SHOULDN’T we be talking about sex within the confines of our relationships? It seems like all the headlining grabbing stuff is when people are tip-toeing outside their marriages, like the danger of being caught adds to the sexiness of it all. Well, that’s the Hollywood version anyway. I just think in a time when salacious headlines make news, it’s nice to see someone advocate for having sex WITH your husband or wife and spicing it up along the way.

That’s my take; what’s yours? Is this a book you would buy and share with your spouse? Should a pastor be talking about sex in this way? Do you think it’s a good idea or is Driscoll just trying to make a buck? Lemme hear ya!