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Product Review: Rodan And Fields ANTI-AGE, The RESULTS!


I know, I know, it’s been a long time coming what with the holidays and all, but here it is, my final review of Rodan+Fields ANTI-AGE system. You’ll recall a friend sent me samples from their new ANTI-AGE line and asked me to give them a try. So I followed the prescribed regimen for a month and here’s what I came up with.

*THE LOOK OF MY SKIN: To be honest, I didn’t notice that much of a difference. As I said at the outset, I’ve been pretty blessed with decent skin and years of being under the care of a dermatologist gave me a solid place from which to start  (even if I didn’t always take care of it the way I should have). Even though the lighting is different you can see the pores and general look remained about the same.

*THE FEEL OF MY SKIN:  I have to give Rodan+Fields props on this because I did notice my skin felt much softer and  silkier even, than it had in a long time. It has a tendency to get dry, especially this time of year. I liked that after cleansing, it didn’t have that tight, pulled feeling.

*STAND OUT PRODUCTS: I loved the Triple Defense SPF 30 (you know I’m a big believer in protection from the sun) but one of the star players, in my book anyway, was the ANTI-AGE Eye Cloths. Right up Good Enough Mother’s ally, they take off make up and add a little something to ward off the signs of aging. Not saying I’m lazy but can it get any easier than that?

*WOULD I RECOMMEND ANTI-AGE? Yes, with one very important caveat, if you have the money to spend. I love the product. I love the line. I love the fact that two women are providing opportunity for other women to make money. BUT, and this is the only but, as I said at the outset it is not cheap. It’s 193.00 for a 60-day supply or roughly 1200.00 a year. Granted it is cheaper than plastic surgery (and there are those who say this is just as good) I think that’s tough for some families on a budget, especially in the current economy and even more so for someone who works for herself.

So that’s my review. What about you, have you ever used Rodan+Fields products, specifically the ANTI-AGE line? What did you think? Would you spend that kind of money on skincare product? Lemme hear ya!

Disclaimer: Rodan and Fields is a direct sales company and I did not pay for the products I review. However, being the straight shooter I am, all opinions are my own.


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