Show of hands, who goes to the movies on Christmas day? Years ago, growing up in Sacramento, California, we got into the habit of doing just that. There have been some great cinematic releases around this time of year or pertaining to the holiday season. So how about a little poll?  What’s your favorite Christmas movie and why?


1. Christmas Vacation:

Who could forget this one? The Griswold’s family Christmas featuring the crazy cousin Eddie, played by Randy Quaid who, as it turns out, might really be crazy.




2. Trading Places:

Not sure this is a Christmas movie per se,  but this scene will make even the Scroogiest (made up word) person LOL.



3. A Christmas Story:

What’s the most famous line? “You’ll shoot your eye out!” But A Christmas Story spoke to all of us kids who were DYING for a toy but couldn’t get our parents on board with it.




4. It’s A Wonderful Life:

James Stewart is George Bailey, a frustrated businessman ready to kill himself, until his guardian angel intervenes. I’ve never seen this movie from start to finish but who doesn’t know this scene?




5. A Christmas Carol:

Wow, who couldn’t watch this movie (this is the 1984 version) and have a serious think about the way they were leading their lives? Even with the rudimentary special effects, that ghost will scare the crap outta you.



Okay, there you have it.. what’s your favorite Christmas movie and why? Or is it another one not named here? Let me hear ya!