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Want To Look Good On A Budget? Here’s The Secret!

Good Enough Mother Tip: Splurge and Steal!


Any parent knows how hard it is to keep your kids outfitted in the latest fashions and keep yourself out of the poorhouse. That only gets worse as they become teenagers with a taste for the latest and greatest.  So when Sears asked me to try something for them and it involved clothing (and I have a teenager daughter who LOVES clothing), I jumped at the chance.

Before I tell you about the experiment, a little background. Bach when I had that big TV gig, I used to get money from the network with which to buy clothes, that way I wasn’t showing up on air wearing the same thing too often.  I worked with a great woman who was all about “buying looks not labels” so we were able to make my clothing allowance last all year. We were (I still am) fans of taking a “Splurge” item and pairing it with a “Steal” piece. When done correctly, no one is the wiser.

Now, back to the request. Casey and I ventured into the mall the week before Christmas (let that sink in for a minute) and made our way to Sears. Because we’re ace shoppers, we spent just over 114 bucks on ten items from the junior and jewelry departments.

 Now, how to wear them? Remember the high low concept I told you about? So here’s what I did with the items.



Left: I started with an old skirt, paired it with a pair of charcoal gray pumps (splurge), added Bongo undershirt and Apostrophe Short Sleeve Core Tee and Apostrophe Women’s Rip Trim Sweater Jacket and threw on a belt to pull it all together.

Right: My big score, a pair of jeans by American Star, less than 13 bucks! Add to that, a top with Dolman sleeves (LOVE) by Lilly Lou (on sale for $ 12.59) and my ancient black boots. The Apostrophe sweater can be thrown on top of that for still another look.

Left: here I threw my jeans (score!) with the Apostrophe Core Tee and an old black knit cardigan. Pearls (yep, they’re real and those are the splurge!) and my ancient black boots round out the look.

Right: Casey picked out this Apostrophe Women’s Dolman T-Shirt and I paired it with my jeans and an old belt I bought on the street in New York a thousand years ago. Boots.. you know by now, right?

So there you go.  Said 15-year-old daughter came in, right after these pictures were taken and lay claim to her stuff. While we can wear the same thing, trust me when I say, I’ll probably never see them again.

What’s your secret to making your clothing dollar go farther? Are you a fan of the Splurge Vs Steal tactic?


No monetary compensation was provided by Sears or Glam Media for this post. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Sears.

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