Buff and I debate a lot of things: international uprisings, child rearing, and, of course, football. Okay that last part is an outright lie; most of you who know me, know how I feel about sports. But we were talking about something kind of interesting this morning. Apparently Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, a devout and outspoken Christian, has been taking a bit of heat for the time he takes after throwing a touchdown pass to give thanks and that has some wondering loudly if the playing field is the place for this.

Tebow is, and has been unbowed by the controversy his faith attracts. When he was in college, he painted Bible verses on the black paint on his face. After the 2009 BCS Championship game, there were 92 million searches for John 3:16 after Tebow was spotted with it on. His beliefs on abortion were prominently featured when a Super Bowl spot by the conservative Christian group, Focus on The Family, featured his family. Tebow has even become an Internet Meme (I had to have Cole tell me what that was) with people and objects imitating his praise pose.

What’s going on here? Do we feel more comfortable watching guys gyrate and carry on in the end zone? What they, and so many others do, seems to be a matter of personal expression. Is this really so different? GEM take: as long as it doesn’t interrupt the game, I don’t see a problem with it.

Okay your turn, what do you think of Tim Tebow taking a moment to give thanks? Is it appropriate? Does it have a place on the field? Is it a big deal or is he being singled out?

Let’s debate and fair warning, please be respectful of each others’ beliefs. Thanks!