Um, HELL YES! Okay, deep breath as I dial it back a minute. I saw this piece and literally thought, what the hell is going on here? It’s about the boom in salon services for prepubescent girls and it’s not just the kids of celebrities. Apparently it’s big business among the small set and growing all the time.

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Now, I must confess a second here. When Casey turned four we had a princess themed party and we started the day at the salon. She had her hair washed and set on rollers and her mini-chiclet sized fingernails polished. She didn’t go back to the salon until well into her teenage years and even then, it’s for a minimalist manicure.


But it’s this bikini waxing thing on girls this young that makes my mouth drop open. REALLY, lady? Bikini waxing is a part of hygiene? Well what the heck did they do in the 1800’s then?

It’s really not the massage it’s the message. Spending hours in the salon to be beautiful is teaching our girls to focus on the wrong things. It’s one thing to want to look nice and many 11-year-olds do, in that fresh scrubbed way. But spending hours on end getting brows perfectly coiffed and taming the other unruly body hair seems to be going a bit far, especially at 11.

It’s hard enough for girls and the messages they’re bombarded with, from clothing to commercial television. A fun outing to the salon every now and again is fine (for certain services) but it needs to be sprinkled with a dash of realism, which is that beauty comes from within, not from OPI’s latest nail color and a 28-dollar blow out.

That’s my take what about you? Do you think this is too much too soon? Would you allow your preteen to have a bikini wax? How about a day at the salon? Lemme hear ya!