Well how’s this for a feel-good kind of story? The holiday spirit is one of love and giving, a time to spend with family and friends, to give to those who may be struggling a bit and to… TAKE WHATEVER YOU DAMN WELL PLEASE! I think Santa  just choked on his gluten free cookies and 2% percent milk.

According to this piece holiday hostesses along with being gracious, might also want to nail down everything in sight. That’s right, not only are people snooping through the medicine cabinets, they’re also TAKING stuff! The author of the book The Steal: A Cultural History of Shoplifting, says cases of kleptomania go up during normal holiday periods, and are exacerbated during tough economic times.

But it’s not just other the hostess homes where people are helping themselves. This story says folks and their sticky fingers are taking way more than just the bottles of lotion when checking into hotels.  Is it harmless or something much more?

Okay, time for GEM truth. When I travel I do take what’s leftover in the room. The half used lotion, the mouthwash, maybe the bar of soap, the plastic shower cap (great for deep conditioning hair and the sewing kit, which is friggin’ laughable and you know why. But I have never swiped from the cart in the hallway and DEFINITELY not from someone’s home during a party. I guess my rationale is I’m paying for the room that night and that includes the contents. Besides, what else are they going to do with the leftovers? Better to go on my skin than in the trash.

Now time for a little truth telling GEM Nation (I totally stole that from Rachel). Have you ever taken anything other from a hotel? How about off the cart in the hallway? I know no one will cop to this so I won’t ask if you’ve ever taken anything from a hostess but have you had someone steal FROM you during a party?

Lemme hear ya!