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We’re takin’ it easy this week here at Good Enough Mother and to that end, we’ve got some pieces lined up that you may have missed the first time around. Enjoy this “Retro Rene” post and we’ll be back at full steam at the beginning of the year. Cheers!


Hi Rene,

Love your website and your point of view… that’s why I need your help! I work as a secretary at a building company and we all seem to get along except for one girl, Michelle, who is very bossy and shall we say “slightly”, a bit of a bitch to everyone around her (but not to the ones above her!).

A few weeks ago I saw Michelle having drinks with friends – a night out I know she ‘expensed’ as a business cost (I collect all the office expense forms)

So should I tell on Michelle to our boss – or do you think it will backfire on me?


Rachel, Indianapolis


Dear Rachel:

The only thing people despise more than the office cheat is the office tattletale so listen up. I truly believe this will all work out in the end and you won’t even have to get involved. Until then, think about these points.

WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF YOURS? Look, I hate cheaters as much as the next guy, but there are times when it’s clear  we should speak up and times when we should just let the universe unfold, as it should. If someone is in imminent danger, we step in. If someone is short-sighted enough to put their career on the line for two dirty martini’s and a plate of hot wings, we mind our own business because they’re morons. Steer clear.

TELLING ON HER WILL REFLECT BADLY ON YOU: Refer to above. In many cases (not all because I have worked for some idiot managers) the people who ascend management positions did it because they are pretty astute. Some, not all. They’re also busy people whose job it is to manage production and harmony in the office environment. When you go to them with this tale of how Michelle is pulling one over on the company, instead of earning your boss’ undying appreciation, he/she is going to wonder why you care about two martinis and some chicken wings. It will look like schoolyard tattling and it will not go over well. Truth be told, if this has been going on for a while, your boss has probably done a bit of gumshoe detective work him or herself and will draw his or her own conclusion and he rest, as they say will be history. Michelle will be too.

GIVE HER ENOUGH ROPE, SHE WILL HANG HERSELF: Also known as Karma. I truly believe most, if not all things, work out the way they are supposed to. I also believe you get what you give. This woman is a liar and thief, and I don’t think for a second it begins and ends with alcohol and appetizers. People like Michelle have a character that is deeply flawed and as a result, this sort of behavior permeates every aspect of her existence. She will go through life, polluting the world with her bad actions and the energy from that will wheel around the earth, come back and bite her in the ass. You’ve heard Karma’s a bitch? Everyone gets theirs, it’s just not always on our timetable.

Now there’s a slim chance that Michelle never gets caught and in that case you’ll have to come up with a coping mechanism. Might I suggest taking keeping her out of your space to the extent that is possible and taking the energy you use to track her bitchy behavior and focusing it on your own work?

Good luck!

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