I’m a little out of sorts today, tired, frustrated, cranky, and very much needing a time out. Some time off wouldn’t hurt either. When I’m like this, it doesn’t take much to set me off; people who are rude or trying to take advantage of me will pretty much do the trick. Oh add to that stupidity and its cousin, intolerance who’ve stolen the headlines lately.

First up, this story about the popular fast food chain Chick Filet which has always been upfront about its religious leanings. Heck, they’re even closed on Sunday. The company’s charitable arm runs a retreat center for couples to go and recharge. But when asked if same sex couples would be welcomed, I think you know the answer.

On the heels of that story came this one also involving a religious organization. An all-white, rural Kentucky church passed resolution forbidding interracial couples from joining after one of the members brought her African boyfriend to service there. The man behind the resolution insists he’s not racist. Uh-huh.

Now before you get all crazed and tell me that they are private organizations that can do whatever they want, let me say I agree with you. But as someone who was raised in a Christian home, for the life of me I can’t understand how or why so much unChristian-like behavior comes from those who purport to be representatives of Christ. The Bible I grew up reading said, “Judge not lest you be judged.” Must be different from the one these folks are reading.

But this doesn’t seem to be solely about religion so much as big, fat, ugly intolerance. It seems so many people have forgotten that there are others who also occupy a tiny space on this planet yet so many here adopt the, “My way or the highway” approach. What is that about? Since when did it become cool to point fingers and shout down people who think or live differently than we do? I get that it’s human nature to be a bit wary of that which is different; it’s about self-preservation. It’s the attack mode that I don’t take kindly to. If people are wary, why don’t they just go home, shut and lock the door, draw the blinds and stay in there, where the outside world and those pesky people who are different won’t challenge their way of thinking?

The problem is the dreaded Trojan horse, like this kid. 19-year-old Zach Wahls looks like any teenage kid. He might be hired to mow the lawn or tutor someone’s children in math. Just a normal kid… raised by two lesbians. Regardless of what you think of gay marriage or sexual orientation, it’s hard to deny this is a kid who would make any parent proud.





Can we, will we ever be able to cool it on the intolerance? What do you think? Is it a possibility?