Who hasn’t been here before? You got the kids all dressed, hair combed, they’re not fighting, the photographer is at the ready and she snaps what you think is the perfect, I meant PERFECT family photo to be used in this year’s holiday cards…. and you get this.

Yeah, that’s would be a HOLIDAY CARD FAIL! I know I’m not alone in experiencing this either. So what better way for me to feel better and for you to earn a little cash than to use it in a contest?

Instead of our regular caption contest where I put up the photo and you submit a caption, you’re going to submit your photo for our contest HOLIDAY CARD FAIL!

Here’s all you have to do. Send us your worst (or is it BEST?) holiday card disaster. We’re taking entries until December 15th. We’ll announce the finalists the following day, December 16th. From that list, GEM Nation, will vote on the winner.




2nd Runner up gets an autographed copy of Good Enough Mother and one of our brand, new mugs.


1st Runner up gets a 50.00 gift certificate to our new advertiser, Mixed Bag Designs.


And the grand prize winner gets an Amazon gift card, worth 100.00!


So let’s get busy, send in your photos and make some cash!