You know what this is? Good Enough Mother standing on her chair and yelling, GOOD FOR HER to Miley Cyrus who took on haters in a Twitter tirade recently. It centered on whether the pop star has packed on too many pounds. See, she was photographed out in LA with her mom the other day, with a definitely fuller face than from her days as a Disney star. And of course, nowadays with cellphone cameras everywhere and everyone with a blog (and with it, an opinion) it didn’t take long before someone took aim at her for being F.A.T.

She’s not the only young actress to be labeled as such. Demi Lovato has been battling the critics after showing up after a stint in rehab, with a decidedly fuller figure.

Miley took her critics to task, telling them she loved herself and that by talking so much about it, they were prompting young girls to develop eating disorders. And while that’s not ENTIRELY correct, as the mother of a young daughter, I have to say I understand. It’s insane the pressure put on girls and women about weight. I’m forever telling Casey that Hollywood is a land far, far away. From reality. In real life, real women have real curves. That is not an excuse not to eat right and exercise but it’s designed to help Casey learn to love herself.

There’s no doubt Miley’s face is fuller but in all honesty it looks like she just filled out a bit. And she should; she’s not the young teen she was when she burst onto the scene as Hannah Montana. But if this is fat, then the rest of us are doomed. For real.

To Miley, Demi and all these other girls, famous or otherwise, getting grief for not being a size zero, I say, tell the haters to kiss your backside. You’ll be fine as long as you understand that self-love doesn’t mean letting yourself go.

Okay, time to debate. What do you guys think? Are Miley and Demi Lovato on their way down a bad path or are they just developing more womanly curves? Do they have a responsibility to their young fans to stay thin or to present a reasonable picture of health? Lemme hear ya!