At this very moment, I’m speechless. I just watched as Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, sat on the Today show couch, surrounded by their brood, and announced that they are expecting their 20th child in the spring. 20 children. Let that sink in for a moment and in case you missed the announcement, here it is.




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Look, I’ve watched this family for a long time; in fact, I think they made an appearance on that morning show I used to anchor at one time. I was also in studio at The Today show when they were on once. They seem just as nice and sweet as they can be. But it’s oddly disconcerting to me that after practically every other sentence Michelle Duggar looks to her husband, almost like she’s seeking approval from him.

Pregnancy for a woman in her 40’s is not without increased risk. In fact, Michelle Duggar was diagnosed with the very dangerous condition preeclampsia during her last pregnancy and her baby was born at 25 weeks. According to reports, Josie’s doing well now but it was touch and go in the beginning.

So when Ann Curry asked about her health, Michelle Duggar talked about (while looking at her husband) how she got a stair stepper and is able to get an hour a day on that (while the older kids watch the younger ones, no doubt) and is in the best health of her life. While that may be true of her lungs, no amount of diet and exercise is going to turn back the age of her eggs.

And finally, the Today show. What gives? I can’t figure out what’s going on over there between their inexplicable fascination with Kate Gosselin and the Duggar family. What the heck??

Now truth be told, I’m exhausted from yesterday’s spiky topic but I couldn’t let this one go without opening it up for debate. So here goes.

Even if they can afford them, is it responsible to have this many children? Or is it irresponsible given the mounting health risks? And what of The Today show? Do you think they should keep booking the Duggars or Kate Gosselin for that matter? Lemme hear ya, fire away!