Good Enough Mother® - "On TV" Rene

Wooo-sah…. You know what that is don’t cha’? That’s a big, deep, Good Enough Mother cleansing breath because working from home ain’t no joke. As you know, we’ve been adding more video to Good Enough Mother. What you don’t know, in watching the finished product, is we get from here to there.

Years ago, as a local news anchor, I kept a blooper reel, mostly for drunken Christmas parties. But it was good for a laugh among non-revelers too. So when I got a glimpse of some of the stuff I had here, I thought I’d do the same.

Now don’t feel like you have to tell me how bitchy I sound; I am aware and you would be too if you had to put up with the antics going on in the studio. Just sit back, relax and take it all in.. and oh, hey, if you have ANY suggestions on working from home that don’t involve hiring a professional camera person, leave them here for me.