Hello!  Have you been waiting to find out who this month’s caption contest winner is?  Well, the wait is over. First, we have to take a look at the pic that started all the finger pointing.

Drum roll please…

Our second runner-up is Auntie Lisa with her entry:

“We can rebuild him.  We have the technology.”

The first runner-up is Keonte’ with her entry:

“Hey, Ladies.  If you like it AND want to protect it, put a sling on it.”

And the winner of this month’s contest is DynamoNatalie. Doesn’t it just look like our hero Cole’s plot was foiled when this little mishap occurred? Thanks, DynamoNatalie for putting into words what Cole could not:

“He had no idea that this was the essential finger in spinning the perfect web!”

Keonte’ gets a signed copy of my first book, Good Enough Mother, The Perfectly Imperfect Book of Parenting. Auntie Lisa, who already has one since she’s placed in our little contest before, gets a brand spanking new, Good Enough Mother Coffee Mug  and DynamoNatalie gets a $50 gift certificate from our advertiser, Mixed Bags Designs along with a copy of Good Enough Mother. Congrats to the winners and thanks everyone for participating and to Mixed Bags for providing the contest.

Stay tuned, we’ll be announcing December’s contest next week!