When you think of the holiday rush, what comes to mind? Hurried shoppers, carrying bags full of goodies, probably sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but closer to the latter, right? Well that is NOT the picture that is emerging now.  A couple of days ago after seeing several holiday ads, I tweeted, “Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit more than six weeks of Christmas commercials” or something to that effect. But you get what I was trying to say in my 140 characters right? It’s Too.Damn.Early! And I’m not alone in thinking that way.

Anthony Hardwick works part-time at Target. According to him, his manager asked him to come in at 11pm on Thanksgiving night so they could prepare for a midnight opening. That didn’t sit too well with Hardwick, who had planned to spend the holiday with his girlfriend. So he started an online petition, asking Target to save Thanksgiving. It’s got more than 150,000 signatures on it already.

Now, I’m a bit torn on this. First of all, for young Anthony, if he doesn’t want to work on Thanksgiving, QUIT! This is a free country  and there are plenty of folks out of work who would love to have a job, even one that started at midnight on a holiday.

On the other had, my message to retailers is KNOCK IT OFF!  I, for one, am sick of the break-neck speed with which they are cramming holiday after holiday down our throats, all in an effort to make a little something extra. I’m sick of seeing Peeps next to Candy Corn which is just a stone’s throw from pumpkin pie filler. Rolaids better be on the next aisle.

Look, I like to shop as much as the next gal (or guy) but as a veteran of Black Fridays past I can tell you I’d rather be home, cutting the elastic out of my stretchy pants, than shopping at the crack of midnight. An extra 10 percent off just ain’t worth it. Okay that’s my take, what about you? Do you think retailers are getting carried away by opening their doors at midnight on Thanksgiving? Have you ever shopped Black Friday hours? What did you buy and was it worth it?