Did everyone make it out of the week in one piece?  Well, if you didn’t that’s ok.  You made it to the weekend and as we Good Enough Mothers know, that’s the hard part.

This GEM has been and is on the go.  I’m currently back in Dallas at the Resounding Harmony event.  Of course, I had to make a short hop, skip, and several hour plane ride to Indianapolis to support The Indy Super Cure Gala.  With all that travel, fun, and support I’ve been crazy, and I know my GEMs have been, too.  So here’s a few of the goodies you may have missed.

Milwaukee’s babies wielding knives with the mayor’s approval?

Over the river and through the woods to the mall we go?  Shopping comes earlier and earlier every year. One GEM is making extended

family her choice this Thanksgiving.

This video was so touching and inspiring.  Thanks to my friend, Florence, for sharing.

And that’s only some of what happened this week.  Of course, you can (and should!) get all of the scoop as the days unfold by “liking” me on Facebook or following me on Twitter.  And don’t be shy.  Good Enough Mother is a collective effort.  So if you have any ideas, suggestions, or stories you would like to share or debate send us an email.  We’d love to hear from you!