Good Enough Mother® - "Travel" Rene

Howdy all!

You know I think of you as family and as such I need to fill you in on my whereabouts, like when you were young and forced to let your folks know where you were at all times. Only now, we have electronic tethers, which makes it SO much easier. I’m hoppin’ an early train to D.C. where I’ll be one of the keynote speakers at Blogalicious’11, which celebrates diversity in social media.

Like Disney Social Media Moms and She Streams just a few weeks ago, there are three big things I look forward to about these conferences

  1. INTENSIVE LEARNING: See, that’s the crazy thing about this new life I’m in; it’s like peeling back the layers of an onion. I know, I know overused cliché but it’s appropriate. When I master one thing I look up and there’s whole different thing to learn. That thing, whatever it is, leads to something else and so on. It’s quite exhilarating actually. Do you experience the excitement of learning on your job or is it time for a change?
  2. I GET TO MEET SOCIAL MEDIA ROCKSTARS: I have learned a lot since dipping my big toe into social media and found that I LOVE it! I’ve always been a communicator (ask Mrs. Glover, my 3rd grade teacher) but social media opens you up to the world! I follow some of the most interesting people who have been so generous in helping me transition from journalist to brand. Conferences like this are a chance to meet them face-to-face and say thanks.
  3. GETTING AWAY FROM THE KIDS: Kidding. No I’m not. I have great kids but like I always say, to be a great mom, I have to be good to myself. That means pursuing interests that are mine and mine alone. I’ll be back Sunday; they’ll be fine with dad until then.

 Well, gotta run, because, well you know me and you know I’m not packed. Keep an eye out this weekend for some new voices on the site as some great writers are stepping in to help out while I’m gone. And you can follow me via electronic tether here and here for the latest updates. Oh yeah, and if you’re interested in having me come speak to your group, drop me a line at and Team GEM will get right on it!

See ya!