From time to time I like to let you in on a few things we’re trying here at the Good Enough Mother household. Remember over the summer, we tried the “Could You Live On Cash Alone” experiment? Well, now we’re starting another one and I pray to that sweet little, eight-pound, flesh-toned baby Jesus it doesn’t end in divorce. Come along with me boys and girls, as we embark on the “Could You Work With Your Spouse” trial. Go ahead,  let that sink in a minute.

As you know, I’ve been married to Buff for almost 18 years. I married him because he’s handsome and smart, witty, charming and a card-carrying member of the Rene Syler fan club. We’re both pretty headstrong individuals and as such, I suspect one of the reasons we’ve been married as long as we have is because we spent lots of time apart. Until now.

Buff is starting his own company and where do most companies start? At home. Where my company started. And currently operates. That means we’re going to be together. A lot.

Now I know what you’re thinking; once the kids leave, we’ll start the day with a rousing romp in the hay, followed by breakfast together and tender conversation over coffee and croissants. I would you to please put down whatever it is you’re smoking, drinking or consuming in any fashion because the reality is, this will be good and bad.

Good: Buff is disciplined, I am not: That means there will be a schedule to follow, with clear and defined goals to achieve.

Bad: Buff is disciplined, I am not: Man that’s gonna piss me off.

Good: We’ll eat dinner together as a family: In the nearly 18 years we’ve been married, we’ve only been able to do that a handful of times due to conflicting work schedules. We’ll actually be able to enjoy meals, the four of us, together, peacefully sharing the end of the day with one another.

Bad: We’ll eat dinner together as a family: Did I really just type that?

Good: Buff gets to pursue his dream: My husband is an amazing teacher who loves helping others dig deep and get to that next level.

Bad: Buff gets to pursue his dream: There is absolutely no bad in that.

Of course, there will be the inevitable adjustment like learning to give each other space when it’s needed. And who knows? Maybe, just maybe, we’ll make good use of the kids being gone during the day, after we see what’s on cable, of course.

Okay, GEMs hear my plea. Do you or have you ever worked with your spouse? Was it in an office or at home? What was the adjustment phase like? What are the secrets to working together and not ruining your marriage?