It’s been a minute since we had a debate like this one so let’s dive right in. I found this story out of Denver about seven-year-old Bobby Montoya, a boy who really, really wants to be a girl scout. When his mother went to sign him up, the troop leader to her he couldn’t join because, well, he’s a boy.

Yes, while technically that is true, Bobby Montoya has, in the words of the scout leader who turned him away, “boy parts” but he identifies as a girl leaning more toward dresses and dolls. His mother is okay with that and wonders what’s the big deal.

I think more kids are becoming comfortable talking about their gender identity at an earlier age and I applaud that. I think talking and learning about those issues is good for all of us. But is there a place in the Girls Scouts for a boy?

According to their website the Girl Scouts organization, founded in 1912, seeks to empower young girls and teach them to “discover the fun, friendship and power of girls together”. If Bobby is transgendered and identifies with girls, should the fact that he has external plumbing keep him from that? If he lives his life as a girl, in other words, that’s what society sees him as (because that’s what he presents) would he not also benefit from some of the above?

In some of the comments on this story, one person talked about how uncomfortable the other girls might be if there was a boy in the troop. I think it’s just the opposite. Kids are FAR more accepting of what is presented to them than adults, who have to color between the lines because, “ that’s what we’re expected to do.”  I think the other seven-year-olds would be more enamored by Bobby’s thick hair and Bratz doll collection than what he’s got between his legs. I say let him in and so do the Girl Scouts who, when contacted, underscored the fact that they are an inclusive organization.

Okay, that’s my take. What about you? Do you think a boy should be allowed in the Girl Scouts? Why or why not? Do you think it would be disruptive to the others in the troop? Lemme hear ya!