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The GEM Debate: Schweddy Balls: Are You Offended?

Ah yes, if it weren’t for things like this, what ever would we talk about?

One Million Moms, a group affiliated with the American Family Association has called for a boycott of Ben and Jerry’s just announced ice cream flavor, Schweddy Balls. The newest delicacy is named after a 1998, Saturday Night Live skit featuring Alec Baldwin named Pete Schweddy as a baker who proclaims, “No one can resist our Schweddy balls.”

To be honest, this barely registered with me when I first heard it a few weeks ago. Well, I take that back; I guess I chuckled. After all it IS a funny play on words and appeals to the 13-year-old boy in us all. That was about it. Oh, and the fact that I couldn’t imagine something called “Schweddy Balls” tasting so great.

 But the humor is lost on the One Million Moms who is asking members to skip a scoop of the stuff claiming its sexually suggestive saying is takes something wholesome and makes it less so. Ben and Jerry’s however, says no big deal and that their fans “get” their irreverent sense of humor.

A member of THIS American family thinks the One Million Moms and the AFA need to lighten up. Young kids won’t get the joke, kids Casey and Cole’s age will laugh hysterically while ordering it and they may help their unhip, old mom find the funny in something so silly.

What about you? Do you “get” Ben and Jerry’s humor or are you offended? Is the suggestive nature of the campaign harmful to kids?  Should the American Family Association lighten up and order a scoop of Schweddy Balls? Let’s debate!


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