… but only for a little while!

 I feel a little like the cable company, only I’m not going to make you sit inside the house and wait for me to show up, sometime between 8 and 5.

 No, I just want to give you guys a heads up that we’re going to be doing some site maintenance this Friday night during which time, Good Enough Mother the site, will look something like Good Enough Mother the woman, on a Friday evening after two cocktails. The difference is, when you check in Saturday morning, Good Enough Mother the site, will be bright and shiny with a big, new fresh look. I, on the other hand will look like I slept in my clothes and didn’t bother to brush my teeth, which will probably be true.

I want to thank you again for your support of Good Enough Mother (the site and the woman) and our official mission, which is to learn as much as we teach while making women feel better about the jobs they do as wives and mothers. That does not leave out the guys; I just thought you wouldn’t take kindly to being called women. But to my male GEMs, your insight, input and comments are just as important as they add breadth and texture to the site. And I love that daily, through the hot topics we tackle  we prove to the world that just because you’ve used your uterus, doesn’t mean that you don’t still use your brain (um, not you guys).

 Anyway, thanks again and onward and upward and make sure to check out the new look Saturday!