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What Happened To The Men We Married!

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That ring on your finger that’s been there long enough to see a tan line when you take it off… it’s a comfortable reminder of the life you share with someone special.

You build a home, careers, a family and dreams together and along the way, experience good times and bad. And you get comfortable; really, REALLY comfortable with each other. But what happens when you get too cosy with your life partner? Read on…

A friend recently forwarded me an article from Essence magazine  that talked about the do’s and don’ts of nighttime wear – and specifically if a do-rag is acceptable in the bedroom.

Which got me to thinking about the things that we let “slip” in long-term relationships. After all when you’ve been with someone for a long time it’s hard not to get comfortable with them and let a few areas slide.

So here are four things I hear women complain about, that men let slide in long-term relationships. Here they are in no particular order:

1- WEIGHT GAIN: That six-pack has been replaced by a keg and not just in the front. He got busy, you got busy and life got in the way. Pretty soon we’re penciling in work instead of working out. The weight creeps up and middle-age spread and apathy creep in.

 2- INATTENTION: When you were first dating, he held your hand and his gaze was like he could see right through you. Now when you’re out on a date, his eyes dart about like a lookout driving the getaway car. And shame on you if that date is in a sports bar. But more than that, he doesn’t really LISTEN to what you say or he does, in a selective fashion. He can’t remember you told him a month ago about your company picnic but he remembers when the big screen is going to be delivered.

3- SLOPPY DRESS: Sigh! When Buff goes to work, he looks amazing, tailored suit, tie just really snappy. But at home? Well, let’s just say there are a few of his favorite items that are about to go the way of DB Cooper. Guys, we’re not asking that you look like a GQ model at home but maybe use the stained, Cheap Trick T-shirt for washing the car.

4- PREDICTBILITY: There’s something really comforting about knowing what to expect with someone. But day in and day out, comfort becomes predictable and predictable becomes boring. How about switching it up a bit? Doesn’t have to be diamonds and sushi but maybe flowers and a different burger joint?

Okay guys, calm down, I’m going to give you your chance because we’re guilty of these things too. But I think it’s time for all of us to look at things just a little differently with regard to our mates; I know some of our Good Enough Guy’s answers have made me do just that.

So with the spirit of love, cooperation and communication, it’s time for you to weigh in.  Guys, what are the things that we women let slide when we’ve been in a relationship for a long time? Women, what are the things I left off this list? And the bonus prize goes to those who can figure out how to make it better on all sides.

Okay, sound off!


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