You know, life is funny (man, I wish I had a dime each time I said that);  you just never know what tomorrow will bring, who’s waiting around the corner or which friend of a friend will be one to the end. I made a new one the other day and I’m convinced, she will be the latter.

I met the powerhouse that is Holly Pavlika through, Candace  Derickx  who became a fast friend when I spoke at the Disney Social Media Moms Conference this summer. Holly and I tweeted back and forth (who uses email anymore? That’s SO 2009!) and she decided to feature me on her blog,  Mom-entum, which helps to connect brands to women by listening to women tell their stories. Ingenious, right? Well, you’d be surprised by how many agencies use male executives to market to women.

Holly showed me around the offices of Big Fuel Communications (yeah she has another big job there as well) before sitting me down and letting me talk about my passion, Good Enough Mother and how it came to be. So sit back and enjoy the first of a three-part interview. Oh and Holly’s the real deal; you can follow her on Twitter here and me here  and here.