saggy pants

Okay, I’m gonna just put this out there, I’m as torn over this issue as a pair of ripped up Levi’s.

You see the small town of Hampton, Georgia is going to start fining young men who wear saggy pants with a $50 fee. You know the look, low pants that expose a guy’s underwear. But should such a fashion ‘choice’ result in a fine? Uh-oh… here we go.

First of all, let me say I am not a fan of the look; I see kids walking the streets of Manhattan with their britches past their butts and I just shake my head. I’m also not a fan of nylon fanny packs or mom jeans with white tennis shoes. Talk about criminal. But if NY cops spent their time writing citations for that stuff, can you imagine what a field day it would be for REAL criminals? Please!

No, what this feels like is one more way to harass. According to latest census figures, Hampton Georgia is nearly 85% white. Who popularized the saggy pants look? Young, black men. Who’s likely to be pulling those jeans even lower as they reach for their wallet to pay the fine? You guessed it.

Don’t be fooled, race and racism is still very much alive in this country and having a black man in the White House has not made that go away. While race relations are better than they’ve been in the past, one way to make real progress is to see things like this for what they really are; another veiled attempt at marginalizing a group of people who’ve spent too long on the margins of society already.

That’s my take, time for you to leave yours. What do you think of this legislation passed by Hampton, Georgia? Is it about fashion or something more sinister? Will young black men be the ones paying the price? Let’s debate!