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Taking It To The Streets: Would You Consider Cosmetic Surgery?

Hi everyone – I have something exciting to show you all!

As you know we’re always working hard to build the Good Enough Mother GEM-pire, and today we’re unveiling another fun element to the site.

Recently myself and Team GEM hit the streets of Manhattan for a new video segment we’re going to be running here at Good Enough Mother, where I pose a burning question to all the moms (and a few of the men) out there!

Today’s topic is one we’re talked about here before on the site – would you consider cosmetic surgery? As you all know, I believe in a bit of botox here and there – but how far would you all go to hold back the aging process.

Check out what some moms had to say – and then weigh in with your comments below! How much do we love our ‘rocker mom‘ at the end of the video!!!!

By the way – check out the new Good Enough Mother titles we created and will be using for all our future videos (and there will be many more in the months to come – we’re just getting started!)

And help us spread the word. If you dig the video, click ‘Like‘ in the Facebook box at the bottom of this page AND also please pass the video link on to your family and friends. Let’s make this sucker go viral!!!

Thanks once again to all our loyal GEM readers – your love and support means the world to me.


Rene x



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