So First Lady Michelle Obama eats a burger and the world goes nuts!

Well not exactly nuts and not exactly the whole world, only those who could use a good dose of realism.

As you probably know, Mrs. Obama’s pet cause is Let’s Move, a government anti obesity campaign. It’s a good idea and much needed in this country where obesity rates have skyrocketed in adults and children. We know that obesity is what doctors call, “a gateway condition” in that it opens the door for all sorts of other issues like high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, cancers and so on. I applaud Mrs. Obama and the campaign; in fact this dust-up over “burger-gate” is prompting me to spearhead my own initiative. Let’s call it the Good Enough Mother “Get a Grip” campaign.

To all of those stroking out because Mrs. Obama had ONE burger, ONE order of fries, ONE chocolate shake and ONE diet coke, I urge you to take a deep, cleansing breath and back away from the baby carrots.  She’s did not say nor is she implying this is something to eat daily. As she has made clear in the past, this food is not to be eaten everyday, rather it’s to be seen as a rare indulgence and nothing more.

Real mom news flash: my kids eat fast food. Sometimes when we’re pressed for time, I opt for it, rather then let them starve. Do we do it often? No, of course not. They eat FAR more fruits and vegetables than they do French fries and that’s why I’m okay with the occasional trip to McDonalds. Yes, I am aware that fast food is high in fat and sodium. Yes, I am aware it’s not that great for them. But I am also aware that in doing so I am able to put a meal like this in it’s proper perspective; as a treat to be enjoyed. Yeah, I said enjoyed because that’s how French fries are to be eaten. Casey and Cole also enjoy raw broccoli with ranch dressing. Get where I’m going here?

The point is life is to be taken as a whole, not judged by one act or a moment in time. So to Michelle Obama and moms like her (myself included) I say rock on! Eat your burger, small fries and diet coke and enjoy it! Show your kids it’s not something you have everyday but by enjoying an occasional indulgence, you’ll be feeding them something much more important, a diet heavy and filling in perspective.

What do you think? Should Mrs. Obama have indulged given that she’s the face of the anti obesity campaign? How do you feel about fast food? Do your kids eat it? Lemme hear ya!