Official Evenflo Savvy Parent

Go ahead and add another brick to the GEMpire because today I am pleased to announce that Good Enough Mother is partnering with one of the world’s premier baby brands, Evenflo!

This is a match made in heaven seeing as I used a good number of Evenflo products when Casey and Cole were young. In fact, I owe the company a huge debt of gratitude, because the ExerSaucer, enabled me to actually take a daily shower when the kids were small (every new mother knows just how impossible that is with babies).

Evenflo Exersaucer

So here’s the deal! I’m going to be a part of Evenflo’s Savvy Parents campaign.  I’ll be blogging for their website (and sharing that content here too), hosting Twitter parties, consulting on campaigns and focus groups, making appearances, hosting contests and a whole lot of other fun stuff too. Plus we’ll be running some special Evenflo offers here on the Good Enough Mother site.

I’m super excited about this opportunity because, as you know, this parenting gig is hard work. When Casey and Cole were very young I relied on a lot of the information I read in books and so much of it made me feel woefully inadequate. My goal is to help new moms (and dads who want to join us too) understand that there’s more than one way to change a diaper. You have to find out what works for you – and that’s Evenflo’s mission too with their Savvy Parenting campaign.

So keep checking in with us here at Good Enough Mother for more updates and information on our continuing Evenflo partnership.


Rene x