Sex tapes

Let’s be honest, we all remember the ‘wisdoms’ our mothers taught us while we were growing up. Stellar examples from my own mother include, “Treat people well.” “Always have a dime for an emergency call.” (Obviously, before cell phones and inflation) and my personal favorite, “Make sure you wear clean underpants in case you end up in the ER.” (Yes, I heard that one).

But that was pre-technology and social media. So your Good Enough Mother has taken it upon herself to help you out with a couple of updated mottos to live by in these nline times.

1. DON’T EVER MAKE A SEX TAPE: Ever. I know you love him/her and plan to be together forever. But homemade sex tapes with bad lighting and acting aren’t even close to the real thing. Let the passion live on in his/her mind’s eye, which is far more forgiving than a cell phone video.

2. DON’T TAKE PICTURES AND TWEET YOUR PRIVATE PARTS: This goes double if you’re a public figure.

3. THINK BEFORE YOU PRESS ‘SEND’: Oh you all know what I’m talking about here, don’t you!

All these lessons came to mind in light of the recent dust up involving New York State Representative Anthony Weiner (no jokes please). A photo of a male crotch was tweeted to one of the women on Weiner’s Twitter account. Initially Weiner said his account was hacked then yesterday admitted the crotch shot could have been his. Sigh.

This worries me for all sorts of reasons. We’re supposed to trust that this guy knows what’s happening in the State of New York – yet he doesn’t recognize his own member? But more than that is the serious judgment lapse if this is Anthony’s little buddy. If it’s true, what made Weiner think taking a photo of his package and tweeting it to a young woman on the other side of the country was a good idea? Or that it would stay a secret? Or that his wife and the Twitterverse would not find out about it?

Listen, I’ve done a lot of dumb things in my life, gotten caught up in the wrong crowd but for whatever reason, be it a lack of trust in others or faith in my own body, I never took naked photos of myself, even when my breasts were sitting up where they were supposed to. Oh and you can rest assured, I’m not going to start now.

I’m not a prude, just someone with a modicum of common sense who understands that life needs to be played like a chess game. Moves today, the smart and not so smart ones, impact those tomorrow. It’s a good life lesson I teach my kids too.

But while Tweeting sexually suggestive photos is an extreme example, haven’t we all made mistakes in the past online? Who hasn’t written and sent an email in haste that they later regretted. Cc’ed people who shouldn’t have been cc’ed. Or emailed to the wrong person!

Okay, so let’s debate this today and tell the truth. Have you ever taken a photo of yourself in a compromising position – and do you regret your decision now?

And what about emails? What mistakes have you made online that you wish you could have taken back? What were the repercussions of your actions?

Start sharing everyone…